About Scope It Out 5k

About Scope It Out 5k

The Scope It Out 5K Series has now expanded into seven cities in 2014 and looking to expand to more cities in the years to come. Started by Charlotte Kraenzle Peña in honor of her father, Charles A. Kraenzle, the inaugural race was held in 2005 and drew more than 700 participants. In four years, Charlotte and her team of volunteers grew the race to 2,900 participants and raised over half a million to further colorectal cancer awareness and research. She named the race 'Scope It Out' in an effort to call attention to the colonoscopy, the only test that can not only detect, but also prevent colorectal cancer by removing polyps before they become cancerous. Her father might still be alive if he had had a routine colonoscopy at age 50. The race name is an attempt to be both direct and humorous -- to encourage others to talk about the need to be scoped.

The races continue to be a community awareness effort, hosted by the Chris4Life Colon Cancer Foundation, a Virginia based 501(c)(3).  To date, the Scope It Out 5K has donated more than $1,000,000 to further colorectal cancer research and awareness, and more importantly, through its education and encouragement efforts, has saved lives. The race is dedicated to the men and women who have courageously battled this disease and their loved ones who aren’t afraid to tell everyone how important it is to Scope It Out!

The races continue to grow each year and with seven races in 2014 our goal is to raise $750,000 in race proceeds which will be donated to Chris4Life and stay in the local communities. Scope It Out 5K Series is one of the fastest growing 5K races in the nation and hope to be the largest annual colorectal cancer awareness events in the country.

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